Bezel Strip

Elevate your jewellery creations with our premium bezel strips, crafted for durability and elegance. Choose from an array of styles to perfectly frame your gemstones.
Our selection includes 9ct and 18ct yellow gold for classic luxury, as well as fine silver and 925 sterling silver for timeless appeal.
Our bezel strips come in various sizes, ensuring the ideal fit for your unique designs. Whether you prefer the clean lines of a plain strip or the gripping texture of a serrated edge, our bezel strips offer the flexibility and quality your jewellery making demands.

Bezel Strips for Every Design

Plain Style Bezel Strips: Available in luxurious 9ct and 18ct yellow gold, along with fine silver, our plain style bezel strips provide a sleek, modern look for your stones.

Sawtooth / Serrated Style: Exclusively in 925 sterling silver, these strips add a decorative edge to your settings, offering a secure hold and a distinctive aesthetic.

Ledge Profile Options: Choose from thick and thin ledge profiles in 925 sterling silver to achieve the exact depth and dimension you desire for your jewellery pieces.

Our bezel strips are tailored to support jewellers in achieving professional-grade results, whether for intricate engagement rings or bold statement pieces. Quality you can trust from a leading Australian jewellery supplier, every strip ensures a seamless fit and finish, elevating the art of jewellery making to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bezel strips are a cornerstone in the art of jewellery making, particularly valued by creators for their versatility and elegance.

These strips are engineered to create secure settings for gemstones, allowing them to be showcased beautifully on rings, pendants, and other precious items.

A bezel setting not only enhances the stone's appearance but also provides protection, making it a popular choice for both aesthetic appeal and durability in fine jewellery design.

First, measure the circumference of your gemstone and cut the bezel strip to length. Then, shape it around the stone ensuring a snug fit, and solder the ends together with the appropriate jewellery solder.

Once you have the bezel setting, it's ready to be soldered onto your jewellery piece. Finish by pushing the bezel's edges over the stone, securing it in place. See our bezel roller and stone setting tools designed to assist you with this process.

Selecting the right size of bezel strip is crucial for achieving a professional finish in your jewellery project.

Our bezels come in a range of sizes to suit various stone dimensions.

The size you choose should closely match the height and circumference of your gemstone.

For a snug fit, the strip should be slightly taller than the stone's height, allowing enough metal to be worked over the stone to hold it securely.

For more substantial gemstones or a pronounced look, consider thicker ledge profiles. When in doubt, Ore Metals can provide expert advice on sizing for your unique piece.