Hand Files

Our hand files collection offers jewellers the precision and versatility needed for intricate work. From detailed shaping to smoothing and finishing, these files are essential for achieving professional-quality results. Crafted from premium materials, they provide durability and ease of use for both professional jewellers and hobbyists.

Premium Hand Files for Jewellery Making

Explore our collection of hand files, meticulously crafted for jewellery making. This range includes Round Needle Files, Square Needle Files, Barrette Needle Files, Half Round Needle Files, Classic Flat Files, Wax Needle File Sets, Utility File Sets, and Wooden Handles for Needle Files. Each tool is designed to offer precise shaping and finishing for various jewellery designs, suitable for all jewellery-making alloys.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Round Needle File: Ideal for enlarging round holes or smoothing curved surfaces.

  • Square Needle File: Best for filing and shaping square holes or sharp corners.

  • Barrette Needle File: Suitable for refining and shaping with its narrow, tapered edge.

  • Half Round Needle File: Versatile for both flat and curved surfaces.

  • Classic Flat File: Great for general filing and reducing material on flat surfaces.

  • Wax Needle File Set: Specifically designed for shaping wax models in casting.

  • Utility File Set: A comprehensive set for various general filing needs.

  • Wooden Handle for Needle Files: Provides a comfortable grip and better control during filing.

Premium files offer superior durability, maintain sharpness longer, and provide smoother, more consistent results. They reduce the effort needed for filing and allow for greater precision, which is crucial in jewellery making.

These hand files are suitable for all jewellery making alloys, including gold, silver, platinum, and base metal alloys like copper brass and titanium used in jewellery crafting. They are designed to handle different metal types efficiently.