French Wire

Our French wire collection is crafted to enhance the durability and appearance of your beaded jewellery. It acts as a protective barrier, preventing abrasion against clasps and other components. Available in silver and gold-plated options, it offers a stylish and sophisticated finish suitable for various jewellery styles.

The Art of Jewellery Finishing with French Wire

Dive into our selection of French wire, also known as gimp wire or stringing bullion, available in both silver and gold-plated varieties. These delicate wire coils are essential for adding a professional and elegant finish to your beaded jewellery, protecting stringing materials from wear and tear. Ideal for artisans and hobbyists looking to refine their jewellery designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

French wire, also known as gimp wire or stringing bullion, is used in jewellery making, particularly in beading projects.

It is a fine coil of wire that is used to protect the ends of stringing material, such as thread or cord, where it comes into contact with clasps and other components.

This prevents wear and tear, prolongs the life of the jewellery, and adds a refined finish to the piece.

Yes, French wire is hollow. It is essentially a flexible, tightly coiled tube of very fine wire. Its hollow nature allows stringing materials, like threads or cords, to pass through it, offering protection and an aesthetic finish where the material connects with clasps or other findings.

To string beads with French wire:

  • Cut a Piece: Snip a small piece of French wire, typically around half an inch.

  • Thread It: Slide this piece onto the end of your stringing material.

  • Add Clasp: After the French wire, add a clasp component to the stringing material.

  • Secure the Clasp: Tie a knot or use a crimp bead to secure the clasp in place. The French wire will coil around the knot or crimp, protecting it and providing a polished look.

  • String Beads: Continue stringing your beads as usual onto the material.

Using French wire in this way helps to protect the more vulnerable parts of your jewellery from friction and wear, ensuring a longer life for your creations.