Solder Sheet

Whether you're a professional jeweller or an enthusiastic hobbyist, our range of solder sheets is crafted to ensure durable, clean joins in all your pieces. From intricate earrings to bespoke necklaces, our solder sheets fuse your designs with precision and strength.

Enhanced Bonding with Superior Solder Sheets

Detailed Craftsmanship with Every Sheet

Our solder sheets are meticulously produced to have a consistent thickness and composition, ensuring uniform melting and flow. This control is vital in detailed work where precision is paramount.

Flow Temperatures for Sequential Soldering

Progress through your project with confidence by using our varied flow temperature sheets. Start with a high-temperature solder and work your way down to prevent remelting of previous joins.

A Size for Every Project

From delicate chains to statement pieces, our solder sheets can be trimmed to the exact size you need, reducing waste and ensuring that each join is reinforced with the right amount of solder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting the right solder sheet depends on several factors. Consider the metal purity and colour of your jewellery piece to match the solder, ensuring a seamless finish.

The flow temperature of the solder should correspond to your project's complexity; use hard solder for the first joins and progress to medium or easy for subsequent joins to avoid melting previous solder points.

Lastly, the thickness of the solder sheet should be appropriate for the size of the joint, with thinner sheets for fine work and thicker sheets for larger, stronger bonds.

Sweat soldering is a technique used by jewellers to join two metal surfaces without a visible seam. It involves placing solder — often in sheet form due to its even thickness — on one surface, heating until it flows, and joins the two surfaces together.

The solder "sweats" between them, creating a smooth and strong bond. This method is especially useful for attaching decorative elements flatly against larger pieces and is a staple technique in intricate jewellery design.

The best solder for jewellery making depends on the specific requirements of your project.

For versatility and colour match, sterling silver solder sheets are often recommended for silver jewellery.

Gold solder sheets, available in different carats (like 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, etc.) are perfect for gold jewellery projects.

The key is to use a solder that matches the melting point and colour of the materials you're working with, ensuring a strong bond and a seamless finish.

Always consider the flow temperature of the solder — easy, medium, or hard — to suit the particular stage of your work.