Our collection of jewellery making cutters offers the perfect tool for every cutting need. Whether you're trimming bezels, snipping wires, or making intricate cuts, these tools provide the accuracy and sharpness required for delicate jewellery work. Crafted with quality materials, they ensure durability and ease of use for both professional jewellers and hobbyists.

Metal & Wire Cutters for Jewellery Making

Step into the world of precision crafting with our collection of jewellery making cutters. Ranging from Standard Side Cut Metal Cutters to Precision Bezel Cutters, Italian Straight Blade Snips, and Flush Cut Metal Cutters, each tool is designed to provide clean and precise cuts. Ideal for working with all jewellery making alloys, these cutters are essential for jewellers seeking accuracy and efficiency in their crafting process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flush cut cutters provide a flat, even cut ideal for situations where a smooth finish is required, such as at the end of a wire.

Standard side cutters, on the other hand, are designed for general cutting purposes and may leave a slight pinch or angle on the cut end, making them suitable for less precision-critical tasks.

For wire cutting, flush cut metal cutters are often preferred for their ability to create a smooth, flat cut. Precision bezel cutters can also be useful for intricate wirework, particularly when precise angles or close cuts are required.

These cutters are suitable for all jewellery making alloys, including gold, silver, platinum, brass, titanium and copper alloys. They are designed to handle the specific properties of these metals, ensuring clean cuts without damaging the material.