Square Tube

Discover the geometric elegance of square tubes for jewellery making, available in sterling silver, providing a modern edge to your jewellery designs. Ideal for craftsmen and craftswomen seeking a sophisticated twist, our square tubes offer both the quality and the contemporary look that can set your creations apart. Embrace the bold and make a statement with our top-tier, durable square tubes.

A Material for Modern Masterpieces

Our sterling silver square tubes not only offer a sleek, professional finish but also open a gateway to innovation in your jewellery pieces. Perfect for framing, structural design elements, or creating unique bezels for stone settings, these tubes bring a fresh perspective to traditional jewellery making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Square tubes are highly adaptable for custom settings in jewellery making. They can be cut to desired lengths using a jeweller's saw, filed to smooth edges, and soldered using appropriate jewellery making solder.

For stone settings, they can be notched to securely hold gemstones, creating a sleek, contemporary look.

With the right tools you can transform square tubes into exquisite, personalized components of your handmade creations.

Whether you're crafting contemporary earrings, geometrically-inspired pendants, or avant-garde bracelets, the clean lines of square tubes add a modern touch.

They are perfect for creating frames, edges, or channels in metalwork, and can be a standout feature or a subtle structural element.

Sterling silver square tubes offer a multitude of benefits for handmade jewellery.

Their high-quality silver composition ensures long-lasting shine and durability, making them ideal for designs intended for everyday wear.

The square shape provides a contemporary aesthetic, allowing for innovative design elements such as angular frameworks or modern bezels in rings and pendants.

Moreover, sterling silver is renowned for its hypoallergenic properties, making it suitable for customers with sensitive skin.

As a preferred choice among jewellers, these square tubes provide a blend of beauty, function, and wearer comfort, enhancing the value of each piece you create.