Charms are a beautiful and unique way to tell a story with your jewellery. They can be used to tell your story, celebrate your interests, or simply express your individuality.

Express yourself by adorning your jewellery with our captivating collection of charms. Choose from simple and understated charms to bold conversation starters. Whether you’re buying a gift for a loved one, or are treating yourself, you're sure to find the perfect charm at Ore Metals.

Upcoming Collection - Solid Gold Charms

Stay tuned for the launch of our exquisite solid gold charms collection. Meticulously crafted, these gold charms will offer an additional layer of luxury and sophistication to your jewellery ensemble. Discover an array of trinkets in solid 9ct & 18ct - white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The distinction between charms and pendants primarily lies in their design and intended usage.

Charms are typically miniature objects, crafted with a specific theme in mind. They are available in a myriad of designs, each often holding personal significance to the wearer, such as representations of hobbies, milestones, or sentimental symbols like teddy bears, hearts, or sports equipment. While charms are versatile enough to be used as pendants, they are also commonly adorned on bracelets, anklets, or as distinctive accessories in various settings.

Pendants, conversely, are specifically fashioned for adorning necklaces, influenced by factors such as their size, shape, and the overall design aesthetic. While it is possible to integrate pendants into bracelets or anklets, certain designs may not present as effectively or sit as elegantly in these formats due to their tailored necklace orientation.

Both charms and pendants offer unique ways to personalize jewelry, each catering to different stylistic preferences and functionalities.

The variation in the colour or the darkness of charms can be attributed to several factors, including the metal used, the finishing process, and the age of the charm. Some charms are intentionally oxidized to give them a darker, antique look. This is common with sterling silver charms, where oxidation enhances the details and gives a vintage feel. Another reason for a charm appearing darker could be due to tarnishing, which occurs naturally over time, especially in silver jewellery. Tarnishing can be cleaned to restore the charm's original lustre. Additionally, the use of different alloys in the metal can also result in colour variations, giving some charms a darker appearance than others.

Yes, typically when you purchase a charm, a jump ring is provided with it. This jump ring allows for easy attachment of the charm to your bracelet, necklace, or other jewellery items. The jump ring can be either an open type, which you can twist open and close, or a closed type, which offers a more secure attachment. We ensure that the provided jump ring is of a compatible size and material with the charm for seamless integration into your jewellery piece. If you have specific requirements regarding the type of jump ring, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.