Cloisonne Strip

Discover the essential component for your enamelling artistry with our Cloisonné Strips, offered in both fine gold and fine silver. Perfect for Australian jewellers, our Cloisonné Strips are designed to provide precision and luxury in each creation. Elevate your jewellery designs and bring your visions to life with the unmatched quality of our Cloisonné Strips. Shop the collection today and ensure your pieces stand out with elegance and sophistication.

Fine Gold and Silver Cloisonné Strips

At Ore Metals, our Cloisonné Strips are meticulously crafted from the finest gold and silver, ensuring a durable and radiant finish for your jewellery projects. With our premier jewellery supplies, create stunning pieces that resonate with both modern allure and classic charm.

Our Cloisonné Strips are perfect for a variety of applications. Utilise them to section enamels, add intricate details to your pieces, or frame gemstones with a touch of opulence. Available in multiple widths and thicknesses, they provide endless possibilities for creativity.

Committed to the environment and ethical practices, our fine gold and silver are sourced responsibly, ensuring you're using materials that align with your values and the expectations of eco-conscious consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloisonné is a venerable art form that involves the intricate process of decorating metalwork objects with enamel.

This technique, with origins tracing back to ancient times, employs fine strips, commonly referred to as cloisonné wires, to partition the metal surface into compartments that artists fill with enamel paste.

After firing and polishing, the result is a vibrant, patterned surface, rich in colour and detail. Ore Metals have embraced this traditional craft, offering high-quality cloisonné strips in fine gold and silver for jewellery artisans.

The cloisonné process is a meticulous form of artistry that begins with the design layout on a metal base.

Skilled jewellers carefully bend cloisonné strips to create unique patterns. These strips form cells that are meticulously filled with enamel of different colours. The piece is then fired at high temperatures, causing the enamel to melt and fuse to the metal.

After cooling, the surface is polished to a high shine, revealing the intricacy and brilliance of the finished jewellery piece.

Genuine cloisonné is distinguished by its quality craftsmanship and the use of true enamel, which differs from painted or printed imitations.

Vibrant enamelling colours and the use of precious metals such as fine gold and fine silver distinguish genuine cloisonne from imitations.

Cloisonné is primarily composed of two main elements: fine metal strips, typically made of gold or silver, which are expertly shaped into intricate designs, and enamelling material, a type of powdered glass that is meticulously filled within the spaces crafted by these metal strips. The metal forms the framework for the enamel, which, when fired, melts and fuses together to create the vibrant, glass-like finish that is characteristic of cloisonné artwork.