Pendant Settings

Unleash your creativity with our comprehensive collection of sterling silver pendant settings. Featuring cabochon settings, bezel cup settings, basket settings, claw settings, prong settings, and bespoke designs, we have everything you need to bring your jewellery visions to life. Available in various sizes, these settings are perfect for accommodating a wide range of loose stones, offering both security and elegance to your pendants.

Pendant Settings for Every Jewellery Design

Transform loose stones into stunning pendants with our sterling silver pendant settings.

Whether you’re a professional jeweler or a hobbyist, our sterling silver pendant settings provide the ideal foundation for your creations. From the sleek lines of bezel cups to the intricate details of claw and prong settings, our collection caters to all design preferences.

Each setting ensures that your stones are showcased beautifully and securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

A pendant setting is a metal framework used in jewellery making to securely hold a gemstone, creating a pendant. It is designed to attach the stone to a necklace, providing both support and a decorative element. Pendant settings come in various styles and sizes to accommodate different types of stones and design preferences.

To set pendant settings with loose stones:

  • Choose the Right Setting: Select a setting that fits the size and shape of your stone.

  • Position the Stone: Carefully place the stone into the setting, ensuring it sits level.

  • Secure the Stone: Depending on the type of setting, use appropriate tools and techniques to secure the stone in place. This may involve bending prongs, pushing a bezel over the stone, or using adhesive for cabochon settings.

  • Attach to a Chain: Once the stone is secured, the pendant can be attached to a necklace chain.

Common types of pendant settings include:

  • Bezel Cups / Cabochon Settings: Encircle the stone with a thin metal rim, suitable for stones with a flat back surface.

  • Basket Settings: Feature a metal basket-like structure with prongs to hold the stone.

  • Claw / Prong Settings: Use claw-like prongs to grip and showcase the stone.

  • Bespoke Settings: Custom-made settings designed for unique or irregularly shaped stones.