Discover our diverse collection of jewellery settings, featuring round and oval bezel cups and basket, claw, & prong settings. Crafted with precision in 925 sterling silver and solid gold, our settings are designed to complement and secure a variety of gemstones. Ideal for jewellers seeking to create timeless pieces with a touch of elegance.

Settings for Jewellery Making

Our settings collection offers everything from classic bezel cups to sophisticated claw and prong settings, suitable for a range of loose stones and jewellery designs. Whether you are crafting a delicate pendant, a statement ring, or elegant earrings, our settings provide the perfect base, ensuring your gemstones are showcased beautifully and secured properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

A jewellery setting is the part of a jewellery piece that holds and secures the gemstone in place.

It is an essential component in jewellery design, not only for its functional purpose of keeping the gemstone secure but also for its role in the overall aesthetic of the piece.

There are various types of settings, such as bezel, prong, claw, and basket settings, each offering a different look and method of securing the stone.

The choice of setting depends on the style of the jewellery, the type and cut of the gemstone, and the desired level of security and visibility for the stone.

Setting a loose gemstone involves several steps:

  • Choose the Right Setting: Select a setting that fits the size, shape, and type of your gemstone. The setting should complement the stone and provide adequate support.

  • Prepare the Setting: If it's a prong setting, gently adjust the prongs to fit the size of the stone. For a bezel setting, ensure the rim is the right size to encase the stone.

  • Place the Stone: Carefully place the gemstone into the setting. It should sit level and securely.

  • Secure the Stone: For prong settings, use a setting tool to bend the prongs over the stone, holding it in place. For a bezel setting, use a bezel roller or pusher to press the metal rim over the edges of the stone.

  • Finish and Polish: Once the stone is secure, check for any sharp edges or unevenness. Polish the setting for a smooth finish.

The "best" stone setting depends on various factors, including the type of jewellery, the gemstone's characteristics, and personal preference.

  • Bezel Settings are known for their security and are great for stones that require extra protection.

  • Prong or Claw Settings allow more light into the stone, enhancing its brilliance and are suitable for showcasing faceted gemstones.

  • Basket Settings offer a balance between security and visibility, suitable for a variety of stone types.