Purple Gold Cabochon Castings

Discover our exclusive collection of 18ct purple gold cabochon castings, where luxury meets creativity. Delve into our range of elegantly crafted shapes, including emerald, oval, rectangle cabochons, and enchanting forms like stars, crescents, and hearts. Made from solid 18k / 750 purple gold, these castings are not just supplies; they're a gateway to creating extraordinary, high-end jewellery. Whether setting them into basket, bezel, or prong settings, these pieces promise to be the highlight of your creations.

bespoke jewellery designs at your fingertips

Our Purple Gold Castings collection offers a variety of shapes to inspire your creativity. The deep, rich hue of the purple gold adds an exclusive touch to your bespoke jewellery designs, be it necklaces, bracelets, or intricate earrings. With options like the classic oval, the elegant emerald, and captivating star, crescent, and heart shapes, your designs will not only stand out but also tell a story of luxury and sophistication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Purple Gold is indeed real gold. Similar to how Rose Gold and White Gold are created by alloying gold with other metals, Purple Gold is also a genuine gold alloy. It's made by mixing pure gold with aluminum, resulting in its distinctive purple hue. This process is akin to how Rose Gold is made by blending gold with copper to achieve its pinkish color, or how White Gold is formed by combining gold with metals like nickel or palladium for a silvery appearance. Our purple gold contains a high percentage of gold, around 75% (18 karats), with the remainder being aluminum, which gives it its unique color and properties. This blend makes purple gold a fascinating and luxurious option for jewellery enthusiasts seeking something truly unique.

Purple Gold, with its striking appearance, offers both advantages and challenges in jewellery making:


Unique Aesthetic: The most notable advantage of Purple Gold is its unique and eye-catching purple color, offering a distinctive alternative to traditional gold hues.

Exclusivity: Due to its rarity and unusual color, Purple Gold adds an exclusive touch to jewellery, making it ideal for high-end and bespoke creations.

Quality Composition: Like other gold alloys, Purple Gold contains a significant amount of pure gold, making it a valuable choice.


Brittleness: Unlike other gold alloys, Purple Gold can be more brittle, making it less suitable for certain jewellery designs that require bending or reshaping.

Color Transformation: When worked upon (like during casting or filing), Purple Gold can change color from purple to silver, requiring annealing to restore its original hue.

Care in Crafting: Given its unique properties, Purple Gold requires skilled craftsmanship to ensure that its beauty is effectively showcased and preserved.

In summary, while Purple Gold presents a unique opportunity for creating distinctive jewellery pieces, it demands careful consideration in design and craftsmanship.

Purple Gold Castings can be transformed into a variety of jewellery designs, particularly those that emphasize the metal's unique colour and premium feel. Given its properties, here are some ideal uses:

  • Statement Pieces: Purple Gold is perfect for creating eye-catching statement pieces like pendants, brooches, or large earrings, where its colour can be the centerpiece.

  • Accent Elements: It can be used as accent elements in more complex designs, adding a touch of luxury and exclusivity.

  • Earrings and Pendants: Due to its brittleness, Purple Gold is well-suited for earrings and pendants that do not endure much wear and tear.

  • Bespoke Jewellery: For customers seeking one-of-a-kind pieces, Purple Gold can be used in bespoke jewellery designs, offering uniqueness and elegance.

However, the limitations of this special alloy makes it's less suited for pieces that require significant bending or reshaping, like certain types of rings or bracelets, due to its brittle nature.