Jewellery Wire

Metal wire is a core material in the jeweller’s craft. At Ore Metals, we’ve developed our extensive wire range to include multiple shapes and hardness options. Our popular sterling silver round wire comes in 20 different sizes from 0.2 mm (30 gauge) to 5 mm (4 gauge). 

From versatile silver to classic gold and bespoke platinum, we source premium Australian metals to provide the ultimate quality in jewellery making wire. Browse our incredible variety on offer and get inspired!

Solid Precious Metal Jewellery Making Wire

Whether your jewellery making needs require round wire for crafting jump rings, rectangular wire for intricate stamping work, or half-round wire tailored to bespoke stone settings, our comprehensive selection is here to meet your needs. We offer a diverse range of alloys, ranging from 9ct white gold to 18ct rose gold and all variations in between. Discover the precise size and shape necessary to perfect your design today.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to making jewellery, the choice of metal wire can be confusing.

Round wire is the easiest and most versatile wire shape to use. As precious metal specialists, Ore Metals offers an extensive range of round wire metals at affordable prices. Multiple sizes in brasscopper or silver are an economical choice for the beginner, with titaniumplatinum and gold options to suit any aspiration. See our jewellery making guide to help get you started on your unique design.

In Australia and the UK, the width or diameter of wire is measured in mm.  In the US it’s measured in gauge. When you begin making jewellery, start with flexible thin wire to create designs like wire-wrapped bead jewellery. Fine silver round wire in the 0.25 mm (32 gauge ) to 0.5 mm (24 gauge) sizes are easier to bend and work with initially. To get an idea of wire sizes, see our wire gauge scale chart. Or to convert a mm size to GA, use our gauge to millimetre conversion table

The amount of wire for a jewellery item varies according to the design, size of the jewellery piece and the technique used. As an initial guide, you could use your personal measurements to create your design. Jewellers usually add a margin for comfort to ensure the piece is not too tight for the wearer.