Our soldering tools collection offers everything a jeweller needs for successful soldering. From preparing metal surfaces to executing the perfect solder, these tools ensure a flawless finish. Whether you are a professional jeweller or a hobbyist, these tools are essential for creating high-quality, durable jewellery pieces.

Precision and Ease in Every Join

Introducing our curated range of soldering tools for jewellery crafting, designed to provide precision and ease. The collection includes a Heat Proof Soldering Board, Borax Dish, Flux, Titanium Solder Pick, Jeweller Brass Wire Brush, and an Orca Butane Torch. Each tool plays a crucial role in the soldering process, ensuring clean, strong joins for all your jewellery designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Soldering in jewellery making is the process of joining two pieces of metal together using a filler metal, called solder. It involves heating the metal pieces and the solder to a point where the solder melts and flows to join the metals. It's a fundamental technique for creating and repairing jewellery.

Essential tools for soldering in jewellery making include:

  • Heat Proof Soldering Board: To protect surfaces and retain heat.

  • Flux: To clean and protect the metal surface during soldering.

  • Solder Pick: For manipulating solder.

  • Brass Wire Brush: For cleaning after soldering.

  • Butane Torch: For heating the metals and solder.

The use of flux is crucial in soldering. It prevents the formation of oxides on the metal surface, allows the solder to flow smoothly, and helps achieve a clean, strong joint. Flux also helps in heat distribution during the soldering process.