Our collection of polishing compounds and accessories are essential for achieving that desired high polish finish on your jewellery pieces. Whether you are working with intricate designs or simple forms, these tools provide the necessary means to enhance the beauty of the metal, bringing out its lustre and shine.

Bring Shine to Every Creation

Discover our range of jewellery making polishing tools, designed to give your creations a flawless finish. This collection includes various polishing compounds in red, white, yellow, and blue, along with a high-quality polishing cloth. Each compound caters to specific polishing needs, ensuring your gold and silver jewellery shines brilliantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Red Polishing Compound: Often used for initial polishing to remove scratches and imperfections.

  • White Polishing Compound: Ideal for intermediate polishing, smoothing surfaces without being too abrasive.

  • Yellow Polishing Compound: Typically used for polishing gold and brass, giving a high shine.

  • Blue Polishing Compound: Best for final polishing, especially on silver, providing a mirror-like finish.

To polish gold and silver jewellery:

  • Prepare the Jewellery: Start by sanding the piece to remove any scratches.

  • Choose the Right Compound: Use yellow compound for gold and blue for silver for the final polish.

  • Use a Polishing Tool: Apply the compound to a buffing wheel or cloth and gently polish the jewelry in a circular motion.

  • Finish with a Cloth: Wipe the piece with a clean polishing cloth to remove any residue and enhance the shine.

Techniques for a high polish finish include:

  • Progressive Polishing: Start with coarser compounds and gradually move to finer ones.

  • Consistent Motion: Polish in a uniform motion to avoid uneven surfaces.

  • Regular Cleaning: Clean the piece between different stages of polishing and remove compound residue, to avoid cross contamination.

  • Final Buffing: Use an ultra soft polishing cloth for the final buff to bring out the highest shine.