Stone Setting

Our stone setting tools collection provides everything you need to set stones flawlessly. From securing gemstones in prongs to smoothing bezels, these tools ensure a perfect fit and finish. Ideal for creating elegant and secure settings in rings, pendants, earrings, and more, they are essential for crafting exquisite gemstone jewellery.

Achieve a Perfect Setting with Every Gemstone

Explore our specialized collection of stone setting tools, designed to meet the needs of professional jewellers and hobbyists. This range includes the Straight Oval Burnisher, Prong Pusher, Curved Oval Burnisher, Bezel Roller, and Bezel Pusher. Each tool is crafted for precision and ease, ensuring secure and beautiful gemstone settings in your jewellery creations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jewellers use various tools for stone setting, including oval burnishers, prong pushers, bezel rollers, and bezel pushers. Each tool serves a specific purpose in securing the stone in place, ensuring it is set evenly and firmly.

Stone setting tools are used as follows:

  • Burnishers: Smooth and press the metal around the stone for a secure fit.

  • Prong Pusher: Adjust and tighten the prongs around the stone.

  • Bezel Roller/Pusher: Roll or push the bezel to encase the stone securely.

The easiest way to set a stone is typically using a bezel setting, where a bezel roller or pusher is used to wrap a metal rim around the stone. This method provides a secure setting and is more straightforward compared to prong settings.