Earring Settings

Elevate your jewellery making with our exquisite collection of earring settings for loose stones, perfect for crafting unique and custom earrings. Our range includes various styles like claw settings, basket settings, cabochon settings, bezel settings, and more. Available in solid gold and sterling silver, these settings are ideal for jewellers looking to showcase loose stones in their designs, from dazzling diamonds to colourful gemstones.

Earring Mounts for Fine Jewellery Designs

Our earring settings provide the perfect base for your loose stones, allowing for creativity and precision in your jewellery making. Whether you are creating elegant diamond earrings or vibrant gemstone pieces, our settings in solid gold varieties and sterling silver ensure a secure and stylish showcase for any stone.

Frequently Asked Questions

An earring setting is a component in jewellery making that holds and showcases a loose stone. It is the framework within which a stone is mounted to create an earring. Earring settings vary in style and design, each offering a different way to secure and display the stone, enhancing its beauty and ensuring its safety in the earring.

The best setting to show off a diamond in earrings is often considered to be a prong or claw setting.

This type of setting allows the maximum amount of light to enter the diamond from all angles, enhancing its brilliance and sparkle.

Prong settings elevate the diamond, making it the focal point of the earring design.

The bezel setting is often regarded as the most secure for stone settings in earrings.

It involves encircling the stone with a band of metal, holding it firmly in place.

This setting not only protects the edges of the stone but also reduces the likelihood of it getting caught on clothing or hair, making it ideal for everyday wear.