Our collection of jewellery making hammers provides the perfect tool for every crafting need. Whether you're forming, texturing, or finishing a piece, these hammers offer the control and precision needed for intricate work. Crafted with quality materials, they ensure durability and comfort, making them ideal for both professional jewellers and hobbyists.

Crafting Precision with Every Strike

Step into the world of professional jewellery making with our extensive range of hammers. Our collection includes the versatile Nylon Hammer, precise Goldsmith Hammer, detailed Chasing Hammer, robust Ball Peen Hammer, and the multifaceted Cross Peen Hammer. Each hammer is designed for specific tasks in jewellery crafting, from shaping to texturing, ensuring precision and quality in your creations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Nylon Hammer: Ideal for shaping and forming metal without leaving marks.

  • Goldsmith Hammer: Perfect for fine, detailed work, often used in forging and shaping.

  • Chasing Hammer: Used for chasing, texturing, and planishing, featuring a large, flat face.

  • Ball Peen Hammer: Great for texturing and metal shaping, with a rounded end for peening.

  • Cross Peen Hammer: Useful for riveting and spreading metal, featuring a wedge-shaped end.

The Goldsmith Hammer is often considered the best all-rounder due to its versatility in various jewellery making tasks, including shaping, texturing, and finishing.

Yes, hammering metal can make it stronger through a process called work-hardening. This process alters the metal's structure, increasing its strength and durability.