From handling delicate components to complex soldering tasks, our jewellery making tweezers provide the precision you need. With various designs like bent nose, fine tips, and self-locking mechanisms, these tweezers are essential for intricate work, ensuring a steady grip and precise placement in every project.

Premium Grade Tweezers for Jewellery Making

Dive into our specialized collection of jewellery making tweezers, designed for precision and ease in various jewellery crafting tasks. Our range includes Bent Nose Self Locking, Curved Fine Tip, Straight Nose Self Locking, Ring Soldering, and Fine Tip Tweezers. Each pair is tailored for specific tasks, offering control and accuracy for jewelers and hobbyists alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Bent Nose Self Locking Tweezers: Ideal for holding items in place while soldering.

  • Curved Fine Tip Tweezers: Perfect for handling small, delicate components.

  • Third Hand Round Base: Great for soldering, as it can hold items steady at an angle.

  • Straight Nose Self Locking Tweezers: Useful for gripping and holding items securely while soldering.

  • Ring Soldering Tweezers: Specifically designed for soldering rings and circular objects, with an adjustable slide for controlling pressure.

  • Fine Tip Tweezers: Best for intricate work requiring high precision.

For soldering, use tweezers like the third hand round base, cross lock ring soldering tweezers. These are designed to withstand heat and hold items steady during the soldering process.

Self locking tweezers have a mechanism that allows them to lock in place and hold an item without the need for continuous pressure.