Earring Hooks

Dive into our versatile collection of earring hooks, also known also as ear wires, French hooks, kidney ear wires, and shepherd hooks. Designed for jewellers and DIY enthusiasts, these hooks are available in a variety of styles and designs, perfect for adding embellishments, pearls, and dangles. Crafted in sterling silver, 9ct, and 18ct gold in yellow, white, and rose variants, our earring hooks provide a secure and stylish foundation for creating custom earrings.

Premium Ear Hooks for Jewellery Making

Whether you're designing for elegance, fun, or statement-making, our earring hooks are the ideal starting point. They offer both the reliability needed for secure wearing and the flexibility for attaching various decorative elements. These hooks cater to all kinds of earring designs, from simple and understated to ornate and elaborate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ear hooks, also known as ear wires, French hooks, kidney ear wires, or shepherd hooks, are a type of earring component used to create dangle earrings.

They are designed to pass through the pierced earlobe and hang gracefully, often with a mechanism to secure them in place.

Ear hooks come in various styles and are essential for making earrings that are both decorative and comfortable to wear.

To secure earring hooks:

  • Use Earring Backs: For certain types of ear hooks, you can use small, clear silicone stopper earring backs that slide onto the hook behind the earlobe to prevent the earrings from slipping out.

  • Lever-Back or Kidney Ear Wires: Some earring hooks come with a built-in tension clasp, like lever-back or kidney ear wires, that lock the hook in place.

  • Adjust the Hook: If the hook is too open, gently squeeze it closed to narrow the gap and secure it better.

To attach elements to ear hooks:

  • Open the Loop: Many earring hooks have a small loop at the end. Gently open this loop with pliers.

  • Add Embellishments: Attach your chosen embellishments, such as beads, dangles, or charms, to the loop.

  • Close the Loop: Carefully close the loop to secure the attachments. Ensure there are no gaps to prevent the embellishments from slipping off.