Our collection of sanding tools offers everything a jeweller needs for the perfect finish. Whether you are working on gold, silver, platinum, base metals, or gemstones, these tools provide the necessary range of grits for every stage of the sanding process. Achieve everything from initial shaping to the final mirror finish with precision and ease.

Sandpaper for Jewellery Making

Introducing our range of sanding tools for jewellery crafting, including a variety of jeweller's sandpapers (from 240 to 2500 grit) and Rounded Emery Buff Sticks (from 400 to 3000). These tools are essential for smoothing, refining, and bringing a polished finish to your jewellery pieces, whether working with metals or gemstones.

Frequently Asked Questions

The numbers on sandpaper refer to its grit. Lower numbers (like 240) indicate a coarser grit for more aggressive material removal, while higher numbers (like 2500) are finer grits used for polishing and achieving a smooth finish.

To achieve a mirror finish on gold and silver, start with a low grit (around 400) and progressively move to finer grits (up to 2500 / 3000). The gradual transition through the grits removes scratches and polishes the surface to a high shine.

For a high polish mirror finish, use polishing compounds and polishing cloths / buffs to give the metals surface to a glossy lustre.

For sanding gemstones follow the same practice as with metals - it's recommended to start with a coarser grit (around 400) for shaping and then progressively use finer grits (up to 3000) for smoothing and polishing the stone's surface.