Cufflink Backs

Delve into our premium range of cufflink backs, designed for creating bespoke fine jewellery cufflinks. Available in styles like oval and bullet, crafted in solid sterling silver, 9ct, and 18ct yellow and white gold, these backs are ideal for jewellers looking to design custom cufflinks. Each piece is crafted to provide a reliable and stylish base for your unique cufflink designs.

The Foundation for Bespoke Cufflinks

Our selection of cufflink backs serves as the essential component for custom cufflink creations. Tailored for both professional jewellers and hobbyists, these backs offer the perfect balance of functionality and elegance. Whether you're crafting for a special occasion or for a sophisticated everyday accessory, our cufflink backs provide the necessary support and style. Polished & ready to be soldered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cufflink backs are the components of cufflinks that secure them to the cuff. They are designed to be soldered onto the front section of cufflinks, forming the functional part that fastens the cufflink to a shirt's cuff. Our Cufflink backs come in various styles and materials, such as sterling silver and gold, and are essential in cufflink making for both aesthetics and utility.

To use cufflink backs:

  • Prepare Your Design: Start with the front design of your cufflinks, which can be any decorative element.

  • Soldering: Carefully solder the cufflink backs to the front pieces. Ensure a secure and neat join for both functionality and appearance.

  • Finishing Touches: Once soldered, a final polish to finish the cufflinks and ensure a professional look.

When choosing cufflink backs:

  • Consider the Material: Match the material of the back to the front piece, such as sterling silver, 9ct, or 18ct gold.

  • Style Compatibility: Choose a style (oval, bullet, etc.) that complements your front design and is appropriate for the intended use, whether formal or casual.

  • Comfort and Functionality: Ensure the backs are comfortable to wear and easy to fasten.

  • Quality: opt for our high-quality backs that offer durability and a polished finish.