Discover our versatile collection of sterling silver lockets, available in styles like round, oval, and heart-shaped. These elegant lockets are not only ready to wear with a classic, polished finish but also serve as a blank canvas for jewellers and artisans. They offer the perfect opportunity for engraving and customizing, allowing you to create truly personalized pieces for yourself or as unique gifts. Ideal for holding cherished memories, each locket combines functionality with the potential for creative expression.

Timeless Elegance in Every Locket

Our sterling silver lockets are designed to capture and preserve life's precious moments. Each locket opens to reveal space for photographs or small mementos, making them ideal for personalizing with special memories. Their classic design ensures they remain a cherished piece for years to come.

Complete your locket with the perfect chain from our exquisite necklace chain collection, ensuring a harmonious and elegant pairing for your personalized piece.

Frequently Asked Questions

A locket is a type of pendant that opens to reveal a space inside for storing small keepsakes, such as photographs, locks of hair, or other sentimental items. Traditionally worn on necklaces, lockets are cherished for their ability to hold personal memories and are often passed down as heirlooms.

To use a locket:

  • Open the Locket: Carefully open the locket to reveal the compartment inside.

  • Insert Keepsake: Place a small photograph, lock of hair, or other mementos inside the locket.

  • Close Securely: Ensure the locket is closed properly to protect the contents.

  • Wear with Care: Attach the locket to a chain or cord and wear it around your neck, keeping your cherished memories close to you.

The best chain styles for lockets include:

  • Cable Chains: Versatile and durable, suitable for everyday wear.

  • Rolo Chains: Strong and stylish, offering a more decorative look.

  • Belcher Chains: Provide a sleek, modern appearance and are sturdy.

  • Snake Chains: Smooth and flexible, giving a contemporary feel.