Ring Size Adjuster Clips

Discover our range of ring size adjuster clips, designed for reducing the size of rings without any alteration required. Available in a broad spectrum of widths to match every ring style, these ring clips come in sterling silver, 9ct yellow gold, and 9ct white gold. Ideal for ensuring a perfect fit.

Ring Clips for Fine Jewellery

Our ring size adjuster clips offer a simple yet effective solution for rings that are too large. They provide a comfortable, secure fit for various ring types, ensuring your cherished pieces stay safely in place, without the need of cutting or altering the ring. These ring clips are perfect for temporary size adjustments, preserving the integrity of your rings.

Frequently Asked Questions

A ring clip, also known as a ring size adjuster / reducer, is a small device used to temporarily reduce the size of a ring. It is a discreet clip that attaches to the inside of a ring's band to make it fit more snugly on the finger, eliminating the need for permanent resizing.

Attaching a ring clip to your ring involves a simple process:

  • Position the Clip: Place the ring clip inside the band of your ring where size reduction is needed.

  • Press and Roll the Tabs: These ring clips feature tabs that can be pressed and rolled over from the inside of the ring. Carefully conform these tabs around the band of the ring to ensure a snug fit.

  • Adjust for Fit: Mould the tabs to reduce the internal diameter of the ring as needed. The goal is to achieve a comfortable, secure fit without overly tightening or deforming the ring.

The size of the ring clip you should choose depends on the width and thickness of your ring band:

  • Band Width: Select a clip that matches the width of your ring band for a discreet fit.

  • Band Thickness: Consider the thickness of your ring band; the clip should be able to grip it securely without being overly tight.

  • Comfort: Ensure the clip size allows for a comfortable fit on your finger. It should reduce the ring size effectively without causing discomfort.