Square Wire

Our square wire collection offers a unique dimension to jewellery making. Its sharp edges and clean lines are ideal for creating structured designs, intricate weaves, and bold geometric patterns. Whether you're crafting elegant necklaces, modern bracelets, or statement pieces, our high-quality square wire is your go-to for precision and durability.

Square Wire for Jewellery Making

Explore our exquisite range of square wire, a must-have for innovative jewellery making. Available in sterling silver and a variety of gold and silver alloys, our square wires cater to every artisan's needs. Perfect for creating distinct, contemporary jewellery pieces that stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

The primary difference between stock gauge and square wire lies in their size and typical applications in jewellery making.

Stock gauge refers to larger more robust sizes of square wire - intended to be used as the raw material for hand crafted designs. Stock gauge wire is optimal for rolling, cutting, stamping and many other applications. Stock Gauge will also typically have softer edges compared to square wire.

Square wire, on the other hand, is available in smaller sizes and offers sharp angles, giving it a distinct square shape.

Square wire is used for a variety of purposes in jewellery making, particularly for its distinct appearance and the strong, angular edges it provides.

It is often used in wire wrapping and wire sculpting techniques to create bold, geometric designs. The sharp edges of square wire are ideal for creating crisp, clean lines and are often used in making bezel settings, bangles, rings, and structural frameworks for more complex pieces.

Its shape also allows for excellent grip and stability when setting stones or creating interlocking designs.

Stock gauge wire, a larger and more robust form of square wire, is a fundamental raw material used in handcrafted jewellery applications. It serves as the starting point for jewellers to shape and manipulate into various custom designs.

Due to its substantial size and strength, stock gauge wire is especially suitable for creating pieces that require significant structural integrity and durability. For instance, traditional handcrafted signet rings often begin as stock gauge wire, which is then meticulously worked into the ring's final shape and size.

This type of wire allows for a high degree of customization and is favoured in projects where a sturdy, yet malleable, base material is essential. The versatility of stock gauge wire makes it a staple in many artisanal jewellery workshops, enabling jewellers to craft unique, bespoke pieces with a distinct handcrafted quality.