Round Tube

Unlock endless possibilities in jewellery design with our versatile round tubes, available in luxurious 9ct yellow gold and white gold, lustrous sterling silver, durable brass, and vibrant copper. Each piece offers a world of creativity for both novice and professional jewellery makers. Begin crafting bespoke pieces that stand out with our high-quality round tubes.

A Spectrum of Creative Potential

From the sleek sophistication of sterling silver to the warm tones of yellow gold, our jewellery making round tubes come in a range of materials to suit any style. Embrace the flexibility of brass and copper to experiment and perfect your craft, ensuring every piece you create is a testament to your artistry and vision.

Whether it's intricate necklace components or delicate earring posts, our round tubes are available in various diameters and lengths, ready to be transformed into your next jewellery masterpiece. Our high-quality tubes are ideal for designers seeking to push the boundaries of jewellery making with custom cuts and detailed workmanship.

Each round tube is crafted to ensure durability and ease of manipulation, allowing you to solder, cut, and shape without compromising the metal’s integrity. With our tubes, your jewellery will not only be visually stunning but also crafted to last, making every piece an enduring work of art.

Frequently Asked Questions

Round tubes from Ore Metals are incredibly versatile and can be used to craft a wide array of jewellery items. They're perfect for making elegant hinge components in bracelets and necklaces, custom bezels for unique gemstone settings in rings and pendants, or as structural elements in modern, geometric earrings.

Our high-quality tubes ensure durability and a professional finish for both intricate custom pieces and more substantial jewellery designs.

Selecting the right metal type for your round tube depends on the design and functionality of your jewellery piece.

Sterling silver is excellent for high-shine, everyday jewellery, while 9ct gold options provide a luxurious touch suitable for high-end creations.

Brass and copper round tubes are great for practice or creating pieces with a vintage feel. Consider the metal's malleability, colour, and the final look you wish to achieve when making your choice.

For personalized advice, our team at Ore Metals is ready to guide you based on your specific needs and preferences.

Yes, our round tubes are ideal for creating custom stone settings. With the proper tools, these tubes can be cut, filed, and soldered to fit a variety of stone sizes and shapes, providing a secure and aesthetically pleasing setting.

Whether you're setting a delicate opal or a bold sapphire, our round tubes offer the precision and quality needed for both hobbyists and professional jewellers worldwide.