Bezel Cups

Our sterling silver bezel cups offer a reliable and stylish solution for setting gemstones in your jewellery projects. Whether you are creating rings, pendants, earrings, or bracelets, these bezel cups are designed to hold stones securely, providing a professional finish to your work.

Bezel Cup Settings for Jewellery Making

our selection of sterling silver bezel cups are available in a variety of sizes, perfect for custom jewellery creations. Choose from round and oval variants to suit your design needs. These bezel cups provide a secure and elegant setting for gemstones, ideal for artisans and DIY jewellery makers looking to create unique and personalized pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bezel cup is a pre-made setting used in jewellery making to hold and secure a gemstone. It consists of a metal cup, typically round or oval in shape, with a rim that surrounds the edge of the stone. The bezel cup is soldered onto the jewellery piece, and the stone is then set into it. The rim of the cup is pressed over the edges of the stone to hold it in place securely.

To set a stone in a bezel cup:

  • Prepare the Stone and Cup: Ensure the stone fits comfortably inside the bezel cup.

  • Position the Stone: Place the stone face up inside the bezel cup.

  • Secure the Stone: Use a bezel roller to gently push the rim of the bezel cup over the edge of the stone, working your way around the cup to ensure the stone is held evenly and securely.
  • Pre-Made Bezel Cups: These are ready-to-use settings that come in specific shapes and sizes. They are convenient, time-saving, and ensure a uniform and professional finish. Ideal for beginners or those looking for consistency in their designs.

  • Bezel Strip: Bezel strip offers more flexibility in terms of shape and size, catering to unique or irregularly shaped stones. Using bezel strips requires more skill, as it involves shaping and soldering the metal to fit the specific stone.

Each option has its advantages, depending on the requirements of the jewellery project and the skill level of the maker.