Unveil the secret to impeccable jewellery with our extensive selection of high-grade findings. From the essentials like jump rings, clasps, and charms to intricate bezel and basket settings, our products are designed to refine your pieces with both beauty and function.

Tailor your earrings with our versatile components, or grace your necklaces and pendants with the perfect fittings. With options available in luxurious gold alloys and lustrous silver alloys, our jewellery findings ensure that every creation is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

The Finest in Jewellery Findings

Our curated collection goes beyond the basics to enhance your jewellery creations with precision and style:

  • Clasps & Connectors: Secure your designs with our durable and stylish clasps and connectors. From simple lobster clasps to ornate toggles, find the perfect match for your bracelets and necklaces.
  • Earring Components: Elevate your earring designs with our selection of hooks, studs, and hoops. Crafted in high-quality metals, they ensure comfort and longevity for your wearable art.
  • Necklace & Pendant Fittings: Our fittings offer the perfect starting point for your necklaces and pendants, ensuring your pieces hang beautifully and securely.
  • General Findings: This broad category includes all the essential components you need for your jewellery projects, providing you with the building blocks for unlimited creativity.
  • Stamping Blanks: Unleash your personal touch with our stamping blanks. Ideal for customization, they're ready to be imprinted with your unique designs or messages.
  • Jump Rings: A must-have in any jewellery maker's kit, our jump rings come in various sizes and finishes, ensuring strong connections in every piece you create.
  • Beading & Stringing: String your beads with confidence using our superior beading materials, designed for strength and flexibility.
  • Basket & Bezel Settings: Set your stones with precision using our range of basket and bezel settings, crafted to showcase your gems with elegance.
  • Charms: Add personality and charm to your creations with our array of decorative pendants, perfect for bracelets, necklaces, and more.
  • Sleeper Earrings: Crafted for comfort and daily wear, our sleeper earrings provide a secure fit for those who appreciate subtle elegance.

Each component in our collection reflects our commitment to quality, offering you the finest gold and silver alloys to work with. Dive into our range of jewellery findings and choose the perfect elements to complement your creative vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jewellery findings are the essential components used to assemble and complete jewellery pieces.

They include clasps, jump rings, earring backs, and connectors—basically, all the hardware that holds jewellery together.

These items are the backbone of jewellery making, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

They come in various metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, and can be simple in design for practical purposes or decorative to enhance the jewellery's appearance.

Using jewellery findings is fundamental to the craft of jewellery making.

To begin, select findings that complement your design in both style and metal type. For example, to attach a pendant to a necklace, you'd use a jump ring to connect the pendant to the chain, and a clasp to fasten the necklace around the neck.

Earring components like hooks or studs are attached to your designed pieces to create wearable earrings.

Findings like bezel settings are used to secure gemstones within a piece.

Each finding has a specific function and method of application, often requiring simple tools such as pliers to manipulate and secure them in place.

The benefits of using jewellery findings are manifold. They allow for a professional finish, turning loose beads, gemstones, and other components into wearable art.

Findings provide the necessary strength and durability to ensure jewellery is functional and secure. They also offer versatility in design, allowing jewellers to create custom pieces with a variety of closures, connectors, and decorative elements.

Furthermore, high-quality findings can increase the longevity of jewellery, reduce wear and tear, and ensure that it remains a treasured piece for years to come.