Gallery Strip

Elevate your jewellery designs with our premium 925 Sterling Silver Gallery Strips. Our meticulously crafted gallery strips are the perfect foundation for bespoke, luxury jewellery pieces. Whether you're a seasoned jeweller or an enthusiastic hobbyist, our gallery strips cater to all levels of expertise, delivering durability and high-shine appeal. Experience the perfect blend of quality and versatility with our sterling silver offerings.

Jewellery Making Gallery Wire

Our 925 Sterling Silver Gallery Strips are not just accessories; they are the keystones of intricate jewelry making. With a detailed, openwork design, they are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any piece. These strips allow light to pass through, enhancing the brilliance of your chosen gemstones.

Choose from a variety of patterns to match your creative vision. Our gallery strips are malleable, yet durable—ideal for creating complex designs. Each strip is consistently produced to meet high standards, ensuring uniformity in your creations. Sourced responsibly, our silver is as good for the planet as it is for your jewellery.

Whether you're creating a delicate setting for a ring or a bold centerpiece for a necklace, our gallery strips provide a sophisticated edge to your work. Use them to frame stones, create ornate edges, or even form the body of a piece—the possibilities are endless.

Frequently Asked Questions

A gallery strip, also known as gallery wire, is a decorative metal band often used by jewellers to add intricate details and a touch of elegance to their pieces.

These strips come in various patterns and are crafted from high-quality 925 Sterling Silver, making them ideal for creating distinctive edges around gemstones or as the main feature in rings, earrings, and pendants.

The intricate cut-out designs of gallery strips offer a sophisticated aesthetic that enhances the overall appearance of the jewellery.

Gallery wire is versatile and can be used in various ways in jewellery making.

It's typically soldered onto a base metal to form the framework of a piece. To use it, you would measure and cut the desired length of the strip, shape it to conform to your design—whether that's a ring, bracelet, or pendant—and then carefully solder it into place.

The openwork pattern of the gallery wire allows for light to pass through, showcasing stones and other design elements beautifully.

Absolutely! Gallery wire can be used to create unique and visually appealing bezel settings for stones. Its ornamental patterns provide an elegant alternative to traditional plain bezel walls.

To use gallery wire for bezel settings, it's shaped to fit around the circumference of the stone and then soldered to a backing plate. The top edges are pushed over the stone to secure it in place.

This technique not only holds the stone securely but also allows for more of the stone to be visible, due to the wire's decorative cut-outs.