End Caps

Our end caps offer a stylish solution to complete your jewellery designs. Whether you’re creating delicate bracelets or statement necklaces, our selection caters to every aesthetic. Each type of end cap serves a specific purpose, enhancing the overall appearance and functionality of your jewellery pieces.

Jewellery End Caps in Gold & Silver

Elevate your custom necklace and bracelet creations with our extensive catalogue of end caps. Available in a variety of styles, including tube end caps, flat end caps, round end caps, bead chain end caps, and fold-over end caps, our collection is crafted in sterling silver, 9ct, and 18ct gold varieties. These end caps provide the ideal finishing touch to any jewellery making project, ensuring a professional and polished look.

Frequently Asked Questions

A jewellery end cap is a small, decorative and functional component used to neatly finish the ends of cords, chains, or other stringing materials in necklace and bracelet making.

End caps not only enhance the jewellery's appearance but also provide a secure way to attach clasps and other findings.

To use an end cap:

  • Select the Appropriate Size: Choose an end cap that fits the diameter of your cord or chain.

  • Attach the End Cap: For glue-in styles, apply a small amount of jewellery adhesive inside the end cap and insert the cord. For crimp or fold-over styles, place the cord in the cap and use pliers to secure. For chain end caps soldering is required.

  • Attach Clasps or Findings: Once the end cap is in place, attach clasps or other findings as needed to complete the piece.

The choice of end cap depends on the style and function of your jewellery:

  • Tube End Caps: Great for thicker cords or multi-strand designs; offer a sleek look.

  • Flat End Caps: Ideal for flat cords or ribbons; provide a flush finish.

  • Round End Caps: Suitable for single-strand necklaces or bracelets; add a classic touch.

  • Bead Chain End Caps: Designed specifically for finishing bead chains neatly.

  • Fold-Over End Caps: Easy to use without glue; perfect for leather or fabric cords.

Selecting the right end cap involves considering the material and design of your jewellery to ensure a cohesive and functional finish.