Jewellery Making Strips

Welcome to our premier selection of jewellery making strips, where creativity meets versatility. Our curated collection includes a variety of strips, such as bezel strips for secure gem setting, cloisonné strips for exquisite enamel work, embossed strips for textured designs, and gallery strips for ornate edging.

Crafted in the finest silver and gold alloys, our strips are designed to give your jewellery that perfect finish. Whether you're a seasoned jeweller or an enthusiastic beginner, our strips provide the foundation for pieces that are not only beautiful but also bear the mark of skilled craftsmanship.

Jewellery Strips For Every project

Bezel Strips: Our bezel strips are the jeweller's choice for creating custom settings that hold precious stones with elegance and strength. Available in both silver and gold alloys, these strips are ready to be shaped around your unique gemstones, ensuring a snug, secure fit.

Cloisonné Strips: Bring the ancient art of enamel jewellery to life with our premium fine silver and 24k fine gold cloisonné strips. Ideal for creating vibrant, colour-filled pieces, these strips help you compartmentalize enamel or gemstones in a clean, precise manner, transforming your designs into wearable art.

Embossed Strips: Texture meets style with our embossed strips, perfect for adding a tactile element to your jewellery. The detailed patterns on these strips catch the light and eyes, adding depth and interest to any piece.

Gallery Strips: Our gallery strips are beautifully crafted, with intricate cut-outs that offer a decorative edge to your jewellery designs. They provide a luxurious touch to settings and bands, making every piece a standout item.

Each type of strip serves a unique purpose in jewellery making, ensuring that artisans and DIY enthusiasts can find exactly what they need to complete their vision. Quality is paramount in jewellery crafting, which is why we supply only the best materials to support your passion. Browse our range of jewellery making strips and let your imagination shape the precious metals into creations that last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bezel strips are a jeweller's staple for crafting custom settings that hold precious stones securely in place.

They are made from high-quality silver and gold alloys, offering both strength and malleability to wrap around stones of any size, creating a seamless and elegant setting that is both functional and attractive.

By incorporating bezel strips artisans can ensure their gemstones are showcased beautifully and safely.

Gallery strips add a touch of elegance and intricacy to jewellery designs. These decorative metal strips, available in 925 sterling silver, feature ornate cut-outs and patterns that are perfect for edging pieces or adding decorative elements.

By using gallery strips from our extensive range of jewellery making supplies, designers can elevate their creations with detailed borders that catch the light and add an element of sophistication to any piece.

Absolutely! Our embossed strips are designed to add depth and texture to your jewellery, and they can be further customized to fit your specific project needs.

With a variety of patterns available, these strips are perfect for creating standout pieces that require a tactile element.

Whether you're looking to add a bold feature or subtle detail to your creations, our embossed strips are a versatile choice that can be shaped and trimmed to suit your design vision.

Cloisonné strips are essential for creating the refined and colourful enamel work known as cloisonné, a celebrated technique in jewellery making.

These fine metal strips, available in both Fine silver and Fine gold, are skilfully bent into intricate designs and soldered onto jewellery bases, acting as dividers that will later be filled with enamel to create vibrant, detailed patterns.

Our cloisonné strips provide craftsmen & craftswomen with the high-quality material needed to achieve the precision and durability required for exquisite cloisonné artistry.