Fabricated Metals

Welcome to the ultimate destination for jewellery artisans seeking unmatched quality and selection in fabricated metals.

Our extensive assortment includes the finest solid gold in 9ct, 14ct, and 18ct yellow, white, and rose gold alloys, alongside sterling silver, fine silver, platinum, palladium, copper, brass, and titanium.

All metal is laboratory-tested for purity, ensuring that you work with only the best materials available. Dive into our collection today and discover everything you need in the world of jewellery supplies.

Australian Jewellery Supplies

Our Collection goes beyond just supplying metals; it's about providing a foundation for creativity and excellence in craftsmanship. We cater to all facets of your jewellery-making process with our premium range:

  • Casting Grain: Engineered with professional craftsmanship in mind, our casting grain spans across a spectrum of precious metals, including 9ct, 14ct, and 18ct yellow, white, and rose gold, as well as fine silver, sterling silver, and more exotic precious metals like platinum and palladium. Each batch is meticulously tested for purity, ensuring your casted pieces exhibit both durability and lustre.
  • Sheet Metal: Explore our premium sheet metal selection, perfect for fabrication, forming, engraving, stamping and finishing. From the malleable beauty of solid gold to the sheen of sterling silver our sheets meet your diverse crafting requirements with unparalleled quality.
  • Jewellery Wire: Bend, Wrap twist, and shape to your heart's content with our resilient jewellery wire. Available in a multitude of shapes like square, half round, rectangular, twisted and more, our wires come in various gauges to support intricate designs and structural integrity.
  • Tube: Ideal for creating dimensional elements, our tubes are available in alloys such as yellow and white gold, silver, and base metals including brass and copper. They offer a versatile base for settings, frameworks, or unique geometric accents in your jewellery making.
  • Solder: Our solder range delivers reliable joins with a range of flow temperatures and compositions to match the metals in your project. Choose from easy to hard solder for creating enduring bonds in your pieces with minimal colour difference.
  • Strip: Let your creativity run wild with our selection of strips, including bezel, gallery, and decorative options. Available in a range of metals and patterns, they are ideal for adding ornate edges, frames, or textured embellishments to your jewellery pieces.
  • Chain: From classic cable chains to elaborate figaro and curb designs, our selection includes ready-made necklaces and bracelets as well as chain rolls for custom lengths. Crafted from solid sterling silver and 9ct gold, these chains provide a sturdy and stylish foundation for pendants, charms, or can stand alone as a statement piece.

As a jeweller, you know the importance of starting with the best. Our crafted metals are the building blocks used by the most prestigious jewellers globally, assuring you of the highest standard. With our materials, your craft has no limits—unleash your imagination and let the finest metals shape the future of your designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A diverse array of metals are used in jewellery making to cater to different styles, budgets, and design requirements.

Popular choices include silver, known for its affordability and versatility; gold in various carats and colours for its lustrous appeal; platinum for its durability and hypoallergenic properties; and copper and brass for their unique colours and cost-effectiveness.

Each metal brings its own qualities to a piece of jewellery, allowing for a broad spectrum of creative expression.

When creating jewellery, it's advisable to avoid metals that are prone to corrosion, tarnish easily, or can cause allergic reactions.

Metals like nickel and lead are often avoided due to their potential for allergic reactions.

Some alloys containing these metals might be less desirable for those with sensitive skin.

It's essential to use high-quality metals or those coated to prevent direct skin contact for wearable jewellery, ensuring longevity and comfort.

Fine jewellery is typically crafted from high-quality, precious metals that offer both beauty and resilience.

Prominent among these are 18ct yellow gold and 18ct white gold, both of which combine pure gold with other metals to achieve their distinctive colour and strength.

Platinum is another mainstay in fine jewellery due to its purity, density, and the bright, white sheen that does not fade or tarnish.

These metals are valued for their longevity, hypoallergenic properties, and the way they enhance the brilliance of gemstones.

An "alloy" is a combination of metals melted together to enhance or alter their properties for specific uses.

In jewellery making, alloys are created to increase the strength, durability, and colour of precious metals.

For example, pure gold (24ct) is too soft for everyday wear, so it is alloyed with metals like copper and silver to create 18ct gold, which is stronger and suitable for fine jewellery.

Alloys can also affect the melting point, malleability, and appearance of metal, providing jewellers with a variety of materials to suit different design needs.

Solid gold alloys, including 9ct, 14ct, and 18ct in yellow, white, and rose gold, offer jewellers a blend of durability, workability, and aesthetic appeal.

Each carat provides a different level of purity, with higher carats containing more gold and offering a richer colour.

Solid gold alloys also ensure that creations are hypoallergenic and retain value over time, making them ideal for high-quality heirloom pieces.