Marking & Measuring

Experience precision with our collection of marking and measuring tools for jewellery making. This range includes the versatile Double Ended Scribe, accurate Divider Scriber Callipers, and the essential Centre Punch. Each tool is crafted to provide exact measurements and markings, ensuring accuracy in every piece you create.

Precision Tools for Jewellery Making

Our marking and measuring tools are indispensable for any jeweller focusing on precision and detail. From laying out designs to ensuring symmetry and balance, these tools are crucial in the creation of fine jewellery. They offer reliability and accuracy, making them a must-have in every jeweller's toolkit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Double-ended scribes are used for precise marking on metal surfaces. One end has a sharper point for fine lines, while the other has a slightly broader point for marking or scoring. They are essential for laying out design patterns, marking drill points, and detailing in metalwork.

Scriber callipers are used for measuring distances and transferring measurements onto metal pieces. They are ideal for ensuring symmetry and accurate spacing in designs, particularly useful in ring sizing, spacing of stone settings, and creating patterns.

A centre punch is used to create a small dent in a metal surface as a guide for drilling. It prevents the drill bit from wandering, ensuring precise hole placement. This tool is essential for accurate drilling, especially in intricate designs or when working with precious metals.