Pearl Cup Pendants Settings

Welcome to our curated selection of pendant pearl cup settings, available in a wide array of styles and sizes. Choose from sterling silver, 9ct, and 18ct gold options to perfectly complement your pearls. These settings are designed to showcase the natural beauty of pearls, making them ideal for creating sophisticated and timeless jewellery pieces.

Craft Timeless Elegance with Pearl Settings

Our pendant pearl cup settings (also known as pearl mounts / pearl drops / peg settings) offer an ideal solution for jewellers and DIY enthusiasts looking to create pearl jewellery. Whether for formal occasions or everyday elegance, these settings provide a secure and beautiful base for pearls, enhancing their lustre and appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pendant pearl cup settings are specialized jewellery components designed to hold pearls securely in place. They consist of a cup-shaped base with a peg or post where the pearl is mounted.

These settings are specifically tailored to accentuate the beauty of the pearl, providing a secure and aesthetically pleasing way to incorporate pearls into pendant designs.

To attach a pearl to a peg setting:

  • Prepare the Pearl: Ensure the pearl has a hole drilled to fit the peg.

  • Apply Adhesive: Place a small amount of jewellery adhesive or epoxy on the peg.

  • Mount the Pearl: Carefully position the pearl onto the peg, pressing it down gently to secure.

  • Let It Dry: Allow sufficient time for the adhesive to dry completely before wearing or handling the jewellery.

Pearl jewellery is versatile and complements various styles:

  • Classic and Elegant: Traditional designs often feature pearls in simple, sophisticated settings.

  • Modern and Minimalist: Pearls can be set in contemporary designs for a chic, modern look.

  • Vintage-Inspired: Pearls are perfect for vintage-style jewellery, offering a timeless appeal.

  • Bridal and Formal Wear: Pearls are a popular choice for bridal and formal jewellery due to their elegance and refinement.