Stamping Blanks

Dive into our versatile collection of round and oval stamping blanks, available in 925 sterling silver, 9ct yellow gold, brass, and copper. With a wide range of sizes to choose from, these blanks are perfect for jewellers and crafters looking to personalize and create unique pieces. Ideal for hand stamping, engraving, and customizing, our blanks provide a premium canvas for your creativity.

Stamping Blanks For Jewellery Making

Whether you're creating custom pendants, charms, or decorative pieces, our round and oval stamping blanks are the ideal starting point. Their smooth surfaces are ready for hand stamping, engraving, and embellishing, allowing you to bring your artistic ideas to life.

Available in timeless sterling silver, rich 9ct yellow gold, and the warm tones of brass and copper, our disc blanks cater to a wide array of jewellers and jewellery styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hand stamping jewellery blanks involves a few key steps:

  • Prepare Your Workspace: Set up a solid and stable surface. Use a steel bench block on a sturdy table to provide a hard, flat surface for stamping.

  • Secure the Blank: Place the jewelry blank on the bench block. You can use a bit of tape to hold the blank in place and prevent it from moving.

  • Choose and Position the Stamp: Select the stamp with the desired design or letter. Hold it perpendicular to the blank's surface where you want the impression.

  • Strike the Stamp: With a heavy hammer, strike the top of the stamp firmly. It usually requires a strong, single blow to create a clear impression.

  • Repeat as Necessary: If adding more letters or designs, repeat these steps, making sure to align the stamps according to your design.

  • Finish the Blank: Once stamping is complete, you can finish the blank by smoothing any rough edges and polishing the metal.

Softer metals are generally easier to stamp as they require less force to create a clear impression. Metals like copper and brass are often considered the easiest for stamping, making them great choices for beginners. Sterling silver, while slightly harder, is also a good option as it is still relatively soft compared to other metals like 9ct gold.

The basic tools and materials needed for metal stamping include:

  • Metal Stamps: These are steel rods with letters, numbers, or designs on one end.

  • Bench Block: A hard, flat steel block that provides a stable surface for stamping.

  • Hammer: A heavy hammer, like a brass or steel mallet, is required to strike the stamps.

  • Metal Blanks: These are the pieces of metal you'll be stamping on.

  • Tape: Masking tape or painter’s tape can help secure the blank and provide a straight line guide.

  • Polishing Supplies: Items like polishing cloths or buffing tools to clean and polish the stamped piece.

  • Safety Glasses: To protect your eyes from flying metal particles.