Hallmark Tags

Introducing our diverse collection of jewellery hallmark tags, stamped with "925" to signify sterling silver authenticity. Available in a variety of styles, these tags not only confirm the quality of your jewellery but also offer a blank side for personal customization. Ideal for jewellers who wish to stamp their own logo or maker's mark, our tags add a professional touch to your creations.

Convey Authenticity in Every Tag

Our hallmark tags are designed to complement a wide range of jewellery styles, adding a layer of authenticity and bespoke branding to your pieces. They provide a subtle yet powerful statement about the quality and origin of your sterling silver jewellery, making them a crucial component for both emerging and established jewellery brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hallmark tags are small attached to jewellery that indicate the purity and authenticity of the material used, such as sterling silver. They typically feature standard markings like "925" for sterling silver and may also have space for jewelers to add their own logo or maker's mark, further authenticating and branding their creations.

While it's not legally required to use hallmark tags on all jewellery pieces, they are highly recommended for sterling silver items. Hallmark tags provide assurance of the metal's purity to your customers and add a level of professionalism to your work. They are particularly important for higher-value items or if you are selling your jewellery commercially.

The choice of hallmark tag can depend on the style and design of the jewellery:

  • Minimalist Jewellery: opt for small, discrete tags that don't overshadow the piece.

  • Statement Pieces: Larger tags can be used as part of the design element.

  • Classic Designs: Traditional style tags that blend seamlessly with the jewellery are ideal.

  • Modern Jewellery: Consider using tags with a contemporary design or unique shapes.