Solid GOLD & SILVER Metal Sheets

Whether you're stocking up for your next big jewellery project or meticulously crafting bespoke pieces in your studio, our selection of jewellery making sheet metal offers exceptional quality. Elevate your designs with our sterling silver metal sheets, perfect for engraving and intricate jewellery stamping.

Create stunning necklace sheet metal pieces or opt for the lustrous 18k yellow gold sheet, ideal for making luxurious ring metal plates or earring metal sheet embellishments.

Our metal blanks extremely versatile, serving as a pristine beading or setting base plate, engraving blank, or the foundational components for rolled metal rings. These sheets are meticulously crafted for optimal bending and shaping properties. For those who love the rich hues of mixed metals, discover our extensive range available in various thicknesses and sizes.

Our craft metal sheets cater to all your creative needs, making us the go-to Australian jewellery supplier for jewellers who demand the best in quality and versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sheet metal is a cornerstone material in the art of jewellery making, prized for its versatility and strength. This foundational component is the jeweller's canvas, essential for crafting a range of adornments from the simplest sterling silver pendants to the most intricate 18k gold filigree work.

In jewellery design, sheet metal serves multiple purposes: it can be meticulously sculpted into necklace sheet metal for statement pieces, transformed into earring metal sheets that dangle or hug the earlobe, and manipulated as ring metal plates for bands that symbolize eternal commitments.

Additionally, sheets provide a robust surface for jewellery stamping, allowing artists to imprint unique designs and messages, thereby personalizing pieces for their clientele. Skilled jewellers also utilize engraving sheets to etch delicate patterns or inscriptions, adding depth and character to their creations.

As a beading base plate, sheet metal is instrumental, offering a secure foundation for gemstone embellishments.

The use of our craft metal sheets extends beyond functionality; it embodies the blend of tradition and innovation in jewellery making, making it invaluable for both novice creators and seasoned professionals seeking high-quality materials from a reputable Australian jewellery supplier.

Whether rolled for rings or cut for charms, sheet metal continues to be the starting point for wearable art that reflects personal style and enduring craftsmanship.

When it comes to selecting the ideal metal for jewellery making, several factors such as malleability, durability, colour, and hypoallergenic properties come into play.

Sterling silver is a timeless choice, offering a perfect balance of workability and durability, making it suitable for a wide array of jewellery pieces from rings to necklaces.

Gold, with options like 9k, 14k and 18k, remains a preferred metal, providing a lustrous finish and resistance to tarnish, particularly sought after for high-end and heirloom pieces.

For those looking for hypoallergenic and rust-resistant options, platinum and titanium stand out as premium materials for crafting long-lasting, elegant jewellery.

Copper and brass are also popular among artisans for their rich hues and affordability, ideal for statement pieces and costume jewellery.

Each metal brings its unique qualities to the table, allowing jewellery makers to choose the best option that aligns with the design, budget, and wearability requirements of their envisioned creations.

By seeking out these metals from a trusted jewellery supplier ensures your finished pieces meet the highest standards of beauty and quality.

When crafting rings, the gauge (thickness) of the sheet metal you choose is crucial for both the design and durability of the piece.

A commonly selected thickness is between 18 (1.0mm) to 24 gauge (0.5mm), with 18-gauge sheet metal offering robustness for everyday wear while still allowing for detailed workmanship.

A 24-gauge sheet, being thinner, is more malleable, suitable for intricate designs and applications requiring a finer touch, such as filigree.

Jewellers must balance the metal's gauge with the intended ring style; for instance, a thicker gauge is preferred for a band that will stand the test of time, while a thinner gauge may be chosen for delicate decorative elements.

The right gauge selection can make the difference in creating a ring that's not only beautifully designed but also comfortable and enduring for daily wear.

Understanding the thickness or gauge sheet metal is essential for professionals and hobbyists in the field of metalworking and jewellery design.

In the United States, gauge or "GA" is used to refer to the thickness of sheet metal. In Australia, this value is represented in millimetres.

22 gauge is 0.6mm

Use our GA to mm Conversion table to quickly calculate the equivalent measurements.