GA to MM Conversion Table For Jewellery Making

Navigate the world of jewellery making with precision using our intuitive Gauge to Millimetre Conversion Table. This simple but indispensable tool is designed to simplify the process of converting wire gauges into their millimetre equivalents, a crucial step for jewellers, craftsmen, and DIY enthusiasts.

Whether you're measuring wire for intricate beadwork, determining the thickness of metal for a custom piece, or sizing a ring, our conversion table provides accurate, easy-to-read measurements at a glance.

To use this table, start by identifying the gauge number of your material. Then, locate this number in our table to find its millimetre counterpart. For instance, a 14 gauge wire, commonly used in jewellery making, is precisely converted to 1.6 millimetres in our table. This quick-reference guide ensures that you're working with exact dimensions, leading to more consistent and professional results in your jewellery projects.

Our range of jewellery wire displays both the Gauge and Millimetre thickness so you can be certain of the size before ordering

With each order we include an information card with this table plus a whole collection of handy technical information! 


gauge to millimetre conversion table