Solid Precious Metal Casting Grain

At Ore Metals, we’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality in precious metal supplies. Whether you’re looking for manufactured products or creating artisan works in your studio, our jewellery casting grain renders a superb finish. Combine yellow gold with copper to create your very own exquisite rose gold alloy. Or simply use our premade rose gold casting grain available in 9ct, 14ct or 18ct (carat) for your convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Casting grain also known as "casting shot" and "granules", are a purified or pre-alloyed precious metal that comes in the shape of small granules. You can use it by itself or combine it with other metals to create alloys to whatever purity / colour you desire.

Granules are designed for mould pouring, casting, lost wax investment casting, casting coins or even your own bullion!

The nature of casting grain allows you to weigh out the specific amount of metal needed for each job minimising wastage.

The precise amount of casting grain you need for  jewellery varies according to the design, shape, and preferred colour of the metal alloy used when creating or casting any piece of jewellery. As a rule of thumb when hand pouring and casting, it's best to allow an extra 20% of the weight of the finished piece. This ensures there is enough mass when pouring to properly fill the cavity of the mould and reduce the risk of air pockets and imperfections. 

When deciding which metal alloy to create your designs in, it's important to remember that each different alloy of casting grain will have varying properties that can influence the durability of the design, such as scratch resistance. To see how metal alloys affect colour, take a look at our metal colour chart.