Fine Beading

Delve into the world of exquisite stringing and beading with our carefully curated collection, featuring metal embroidery thread, gimp wire, beads and spacers. Each item is crafted from the finest materials, available in solid gold and sterling silver. Add a touch of luxury and refinement to your jewellery creations.

Fine Beading Supplies Australia

Our collection is designed to cater to the needs of both professional jewellers and hobbyists. Metal Embroidery thread offers unparalleled finesse for intricate designs, while gimp wire provides a flexible edge to your projects. Our beads and spacers, available in solid gold and sterling silver, are perfect for adding elegance, custom detail and spacing to any piece.

Frequently Asked Questions

To start making beaded jewellery, you'll need a few basic supplies:

  • Beads: Choose beads in various sizes, and metals depending on your design.

  • Thread or Wire: Select a suitable thread or beading wire for stringing the beads. The choice depends on the type of jewelry you're making and the weight of the beads.

  • Needles: For threading, use beading needles which are thin and long to fit through the bead holes.

  • Clasps and Findings: These are the metal components like clasps, jump rings, and crimps used to finish the jewellery and make it wearable.

  • Pliers and Cutters: Tools such as needle-nose pliers and wire cutters are essential for manipulating wire and findings.

There are numerous beading ideas you can explore:

  • Strand Necklaces: Create single or multi-strand necklaces with various types of beads.

  • Charm Bracelets: Design bracelets with beads and dangling charms for a playful look.

  • Beaded Earrings: Make drop or hoop earrings using beads and wire for elegant accessories.

  • Beaded Rings: Craft rings using wire and a focal bead for a simple yet stylish piece.

  • Layered Bracelets: Use different colors and sizes of beads to make layered bracelets.

  • Beaded Anklets: Design anklets with small, delicate beads for a summery accessory.

  • Beaded Pendants: Create unique pendants by combining beads with wire-wrapping techniques.

The best thread for beading jewellery often depends on the project's requirements and the desired aesthetic. Here are some options with their benefits:

  • Sterling Silver Thread: This thread adds a luxurious and high-end feel to jewellery pieces. It's strong and durable, making it suitable for heavier beads and long-lasting wear. The lustrous finish of sterling silver enhances the overall look of the jewellery.

  • Fine Silver Thread: Fine silver thread is softer and more malleable than sterling silver, making it easier to manipulate. It's ideal for delicate beading work and offers a higher level of tarnish resistance, ensuring a lasting shine.

  • Solid Gold Thread: Gold thread provides an opulent touch to jewellery and is highly valued for its colour and prestige. It's suitable for creating high-quality, elegant pieces, especially when working with fine gemstones or pearls.

  • Gimp Wire: Also known as French wire, gimp wire is generally used to protect the thread from wear and tear, especially around clasps. It adds a professional finish to the jewellery and extends its lifespan by guarding against fraying.

  • Gold and Silver Jewellery Wire: Thicker wires are perfect for structured designs and offer a blend of strength and flexibility. Gold and silver wire is ideal for creating shapes & loops, and they contribute to the overall aesthetic value of the piece.