Our collection of hallmarking tools is designed to provide jewellers with the means to accurately mark their creations. These punches and anvil allow for clear and precise stamping, ensuring each piece of jewellery carries a hallmark of its metal purity. Whether creating pieces for personal use or sale, these tools are essential for maintaining standards and ensuring professionalism is passed onto your craft.

Convey Purity With Ever Mark

Presenting our range of hallmarking tools for jewellery makers, including 925, 375, 585, and 750 Hallmark punches, along with a 2-sided ring stamping anvil. These tools are essential for imprinting hallmarks that signify the purity and authenticity of precious metals in your jewellery pieces, a mark of quality and trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

The numbers on hallmark punches refer to the purity of the metal:

  • 925: Represents sterling silver (92.5% pure silver).

  • 375: Indicates 9 karat gold (37.5% pure gold).

  • 585: Stands for 14 karat gold (58.5% pure gold).

  • 750: Signifies 18 karat gold (75% pure gold).

Legal requirements for hallmarking vary by country. In many places, hallmarking is required for pieces made of precious metals above a certain weight to certify the metal's purity. It's important to check the specific laws and regulations in your region.

Australia and New Zealand do not have official government controlled assaying offices

To stamp hallmarks on jewellery:

  • Prepare the Surface: Ensure the area to be stamped is clean and flat.

  • Position the Punch: Place the correct hallmark punch on the spot.

  • Use the Anvil: For rings, use a ring stamping anvil for support.

  • Strike Firmly: Hit the punch with a hammer to leave a clear mark.