Rectangular Wire

Our rectangular wire collection offers a unique dimension to jewellery making. Its flat, angular shape is perfect for creating bold, modern designs and accents in various jewellery pieces. Our rectangular wire is also ideal as bracelet and ring blanks, providing a ready to stamp surface. Whether you are crafting elegant bracelets, statement rings, or custom necklaces, our high-quality rectangular wire provides the versatility and strength needed for your creations.

Rectangular Wire for Jewellery Making

Delve into our exclusive range of rectangular wire, a key element for distinctive jewellery making. Available in sterling silver, 9ct yellow gold, and 18ct yellow gold, our wires come in a variety of sizes to perfectly match your artistic vision. Ideal for creating sleek, contemporary jewellery pieces with a unique edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rectangular wire is a versatile material used in various aspects of jewellery making. Its flat, angular shape makes it ideal for creating structured, modern designs.

It is commonly used in bezel settings for stones, as the flat surface provides a good base for the stone and the edges create a clean, sharp boundary.

Rectangular wire is also excellent for ring blanks and bracelet blanks, as the flat surface provides a perfect canvas for stamping and embossing designs like letters and shapes.

Rectangular wire can also be used for making bracelet and necklace frames, earrings, and decorative elements where a bold, linear look is desired.

Additionally, its unique shape allows for interesting textural contrasts when used alongside other wire shapes in a piece.

The choice between rectangular wire and half round wire depends on the specific requirements of your project and the desired aesthetic.

Rectangular wire is best for designs that require sharp, clean lines and a flat surface. It's suitable for creating frames, settings, and structural elements with a contemporary look.

Half round wire, with its flat bottom and rounded top, is ideal for situations where you need the wire to sit flush against a surface, such as in certain ring bands or bracelet cuff designs, while still providing a smooth, rounded appearance.

Consider the design and functionality of your piece to determine which wire shape would work best.

Yes, rectangular wire can be used to make rings and bracelets.

Its flat, wide surface makes it a unique choice for these types of jewellery, lending a modern and distinctive look. For rings, rectangular wire can provide a bold aesthetic, especially when used for thicker bands or geometric designs.

For bracelets, its structural integrity and unique profile can create statement pieces or serve as a base for more complex designs.