Settings For Pearl Earrings

Embrace the beauty of pearls with our range of pearl cup earring stud settings. Available in classic and modern styles, these settings feature eyelets for attaching charms and dangle accents, enhancing their appeal. Choose from our collection in sterling silver, 9ct, and 18ct yellow and white gold, perfect for crafting elegant pearl earrings that suit any occasion.

Create Timeless Pearl Earrings with Ease

Our pearl cup earring stud settings provide a foundation for exquisite pearl earrings, offering settings that complement both contemporary and traditional tastes. Whether you're a professional jeweller or a hobbyist, these settings are ideal for crafting stunning pearl earrings with added charm or dangle elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pearl cup stud settings are specialized components used in earring making to hold and display pearls. These settings consist of a small peg and cup-shaped base into which a pearl can be set, and often include eyelets for attaching additional charms or dangle accents. They are designed to securely showcase the pearl while allowing for creative embellishments.

To set pearls in stud settings:

  • Prepare the Setting: Ensure the pearl cup and the pearl are clean and free of any debris. Drill a hole in the pearl if necessary.

  • Apply Adhesive: Use a suitable jewellery adhesive on the base of the pearl cup.

  • Place the Pearl: Carefully position the pearl into the cup, making sure it's centred and sits level.

  • Allow to Dry: Let the adhesive dry completely before handling or wearing the earrings to ensure the pearl is securely set.

For setting pearls in stud settings, a clear-drying, strong jewellery adhesive is recommended. Epoxy resins or specialized jewellery glues that are designed for pearl setting work well as they provide a strong bond without damaging the pearl. It's important to choose an adhesive that doesn't yellow over time and is gentle on both the pearl and the metal setting.

Our GS - Hypo Jewellers cement is designed for this purpose