Earring Backs

Discover our extensive range of butterfly earring backs, also known as ear scrolls and push backs. Our collection spans a variety of styles, from classic contemporary to elegant modern designs. Expertly crafted in sterling silver, platinum, 9ct, 14ct, and 18ct in yellow, white, and rose gold variants, as well as silicone styles. These earring backs offer both security and aesthetic appeal. Ideal for all earring types, they provide the perfect finish to your jewellery designs.

Perfect Match for Every Earring Design

Whether you are a professional jeweller or a DIY enthusiast, our butterfly earring backs are essential for a secure and comfortable earring experience. They cater to a range of earring types, and pair perfectly with our range of earring posts, ensuring that your earrings stay in place with elegance and ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most secure earring backing is often considered to be the threaded post back, which screws onto a threaded earring post. This type of backing provides a lock mechanism that is less likely to loosen, making it ideal for valuable earrings and for wearers who want extra security.

The most common earring backing is the butterfly back, also known as the ear scroll or push back. It's widely used due to its simplicity and ease of use. Butterfly backs are suitable for a range of earring styles, from casual to formal.

Different types of earring backs include:

  • Butterfly Ear Backs/Scroll Backs: These come in various styles and designs, fitting over the post of the earring and holding it in place.

  • Stud Backs/Push Backs: A simple, stud looking backing that is pushed onto the back of an earring.

  • Silicone Backs: Often combined with metal, they offer a snug fit and are ideal for lighter earrings.

  • Threaded Post Backs: Require screwing onto a threaded earring post for added security.

  • Spring Loaded Backs: Feature a spring mechanism for a more secure grip on the earring post.