Threaded Earring Backs

Delve into the world of ultimate security with our Threaded Earring Backs, designed for those who prioritize the safety of their earrings. These backs come with matching posts and are designed to screw together, providing a secure and worry-free fit. They are a top choice for high-end and delicate earring designs.

Secure Earring Backs for Jewellery Making

Our Threaded Earring Backs collection, available in sterling silver, 9ct, 14ct, and 18ct gold, offers the ultimate security for earring wear. Designed to screw onto threaded earring posts, these backs provide a secure fit, ideal for protecting valuable and intricate earring designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perfect for fine and delicate earrings, especially those with highly valuable stones or intricate designs where extra security is needed.

They offer enhanced security against loosening, ensuring your earrings remain safely in place, making them ideal for long-term wear and peace of mind.