Earring Findings

Discover our versatile earring findings collection, tailored for jewellery designers and enthusiasts. From sleek butterfly earring backs to elegant stud settings ready for your gemstones, pearls & other adornments. Find everything in Sterling Silver, 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, and in shades of Yellow, White, and Rose Gold. Elevate your jewellery creations with our high-quality components today,

Elevate Your Jewellery Creations

Whether you're crafting a personal piece or a professional masterpiece, our earring findings collection offers the diversity and quality you need to bring your creations to life. Browse our range and find the perfect elements for your next jewellery project today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Earring findings are the components used to create earrings. They form the structural base of the earring and include various parts such as hooks, posts, backs, and other elements that hold the earring together and make it functional.

Findings are essential in jewellery making, as they provide the necessary hardware to assemble earrings, ensuring they are wearable, secure, and comfortable.

These components come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, such as gold, silver, and other alloys, to cater to different styles and preferences.

Earring findings are used in jewellery making to assemble and complete an earring. The process generally involves:

  • Selecting the Type of Earring Finding: Depending on the design, you choose the appropriate type of finding, like studs, hooks, or clips.

  • Attaching the Decorative Element: The decorative part of the earring (like a gemstone, bead, or charm) is attached to the finding. This can be done through soldering, looping, or using adhesive, depending on the type of finding and the design.

  • Ensuring Security and Comfort: For earrings that require backs, the appropriate backs are chosen to ensure the earring stays securely in the ear. Comfort is also a key consideration, especially for earrings that are worn for extended periods.

Each component of earring findings serves a specific purpose:

  • Studs/Posts: These are straight pieces that pass through the earlobe, typically ending in a decorative element on one end and designed to be used with a removable back to secure the earring in place.
  • Earring Backs: These are small components that slide onto the post at the back of the earlobe to secure stud-type earrings. Also known as "Butterflies" or "Ear Scrolls"
  • Ear Hooks/Wires: Used for dangle earrings, these are shaped like a hook and pass through the earlobe, with the decorative element hanging below. Also Known as Shepherd Hooks or Kidney Wire Hooks.
  • Continental Clips: These are used for non-pierced ears. They clamp onto the earlobe and often have a decorative element hanging below. Also known as lever back ear clips.
  • Pearl Cup Studs: These have a cupped base to hold a pearl or round bead, with a post attached for wearing in pierced ears.
  • Sleeper Earrings: Designed for continuous wear, especially in newly pierced ears, these are usually small hoops or studs that are comfortable to wear, even during sleep. Also known as clicker hoops or "huggies".

Understanding the function and use of each earring finding is crucial for both jewellery makers and wearers, as it helps in choosing the right components for specific designs and ensuring comfort and security when worn.