Fine Beads

Embark on a journey of elegance with our fine beads and spacers collection, featuring sterling silver and 14ct gold options. Discover a variety of styles and sizes including roundels, balls, spacers, tubes, crimp beads, and more. Each bead is crafted to add sophistication and detail to your jewellery, perfect for creating durable fine bead jewellery designs.

Exquisite Detail for Every Jewellery Design

Our collection offers an array of fine beads and spacers to complement any jewellery project. Whether you're designing elegant necklaces, bracelets, or unique accessories, these beads provide the perfect embellishment. Their durability and timeless beauty make them ideal for crafting lasting jewellery pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Proudly, Ore Metals' handpicked collection of solid metal beads made of sterling silver and 14ct gold, and are designed to resist tarnishing.

Unlike plated or less pure forms of metal, solid gold and silver maintain their luster over time, ensuring the beauty and longevity of your jewellery.

The type of beads used in jewellery can vary:

  • Plastic/Plated Beads: Commonly used in costume jewellery due to their affordability and variety in colours and shapes.

  • Ore Metals Beads: For durable and fine bead jewellery designs, beads from Ore Metals made of solid sterling silver and 14ct gold are preferred. They offer longevity, quality, and a luxurious finish.

To polish bead bracelets and necklaces:

  • Gentle Cloth: Use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently rub each bead. This will help remove surface dirt and restore shine.

  • Polishing Solution: For sterling silver and gold beads, use a polishing compound suitable for these metals. Apply it according to the product's instructions, then rinse and dry the jewellery.

  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly cleaning and storing your bead jewellery properly will help maintain its luster and prevent tarnish.