Filigree Earring Backs

Our filigree earring backs collection, available in 9ct, and 18ct gold, offers a delicate and sophisticated touch to your earrings. These intricately designed backs are perfect for adding an artistic flair to any earring design.

Bespoke Earring Backing for Jewellery Making

Embrace the art of intricate design with our Filigree Earring Backs. These earring backs feature exquisite filigree work, adding an element of sophistication and luxury to any earring design. Ideal for jewellers looking to create pieces with a vintage or ornate aesthetic, these backs offer both beauty and secure functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal for ornate stud earrings or designs that call for intricate detailing.

They enhance the overall look of the earrings with their detailed and elegant design, adding a touch of luxury.