Open Disc Earring Backs

Explore contemporary elegance with our Open Disc Earring Backs, a collection that redefines the classic earring back design. These open disc backs offer a modern twist, providing both style and security. They are perfect for jewellers aiming to create trendy and sophisticated earring designs that stand out.

Contemporary Earring Backs for Jewellery Making

Explore the modern simplicity of our open disc earring backs, available in sterling silver, 9ct, and 18ct gold. These backs offer a contemporary twist to the traditional earring back, suitable for a variety of earring styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

These earring backs are ideal for modern and minimalist earring designs, especially where a hint of contemporary elegance is desired.

The open disc design not only adds a stylish flair to earrings but also ensures stability and comfort, making them suitable for larger or heavier earrings.