Disc Earring Backs

Discover our selection of disc earring backs, designed to provide extra support and stability. Available in sterling silver, platinum, 9ct, and 18ct gold, these backs are ideal for larger or heavier earrings. Providing a contemporary, modern finish, while ensuring they stay comfortably in place.

Polished Earring Backs For Jewellery Making

Our Disc Earring Backs collection brings a perfect blend of function and style to your earring creations. Available in luxurious metals including sterling silver, platinum and gold, these disc backs provide enhanced stability for a variety of earring types. Ideal for larger or statement pieces, they ensure your earrings sit beautifully and comfortably, making them an essential choice for discerning jewellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Disc earring backs are best suited for larger stud earrings or designs with heavier decorative elements.

They offer increased stability and support, making them ideal for larger earrings and reducing the risk of earrings drooping.