Spring Loaded Earring Backs

Explore our range of Spring Loaded Earring Backs, offering unmatched security for your earring creations. These backs are equipped with a spring mechanism that grips the earring post firmly, ensuring your earrings stay securely in place throughout the day

Enhanced Earring Backs for Jewellery Making

Experience enhanced security and ease with our Spring Loaded Earring Backs collection. Designed for maximum hold and comfort, these backs, available in sterling silver, and various gold options, are perfect for ensuring your earrings stay in place throughout the day. Ideal for active lifestyles and valuable earrings, they provide peace of mind with a touch of luxury.

Frequently Asked Questions

These backs and posts are versatile and can be used with a variety of earring styles, particularly those that are heavier or more valuable, where additional security is paramount.

The spring mechanism provides a strong hold, reducing the risk of losing earrings, making them a reliable choice for everyday wear and special occasions.